Below is a list of past or future speaking engagements with links to some of the presentations' slide decks.
If you'd be interested in me presenting at your conference, don't hesitate to contact me.

SEP. 28th
Brighton, UK
AMP + PWA: The Future of E-commerce?
JUN. 13th
Seattle, WA
Ask The SEOs
MAY 30th
MAY 9th
Atlanta, GA
The New Rules of SEO: Crafting Content That Dances to Google’s Algorithm
APR. 12th
Charlottesville, VA
SEO Workshop
MAR. 20th
Munich, Germany
JavaScript SEO: Can Google Crawl And Index Your Content?

OCT. 11th
Bend, OR
Forensic SEO
JUN. 22nd
MAR. 30th
Charlottesville, VA
Mobile SEO Today: Optimizing The Current Search Landscape

MAY 20th
Charlottesville, VA
International SEO